Monday, December 14, 2009

the jumble is over people

Thanks to everyone who came on Saturday.
The jumble for this year is well and truly over.
Done and dusted.

Stay tuned for future jumbles!

Friday, December 11, 2009

it's time to rumble!

Well, people, tomorrow is the day!
It's time to rumble!

Dell has attached subliminal messages to the wall ('buy more raffle tickets' and 'it's the season of the witch' are how I'm seeing the combinations). She requested a tablecloth for her table and a ladder to hang her stuff on. Done!

Miss Muddle hung her clothes, brought in her birdcage, laid out her boxes ready for her new cards and is threatening to fight Dell for the armchair.

And I've set up as much as I could before any energy I had left from five days of cleaning and sorting ebbed. 

Irene, Ramona and Beck will be tossing their stuff into the jumble tomorrow morning and then we'll throw open the doors and invite you in to rumble in our jumble!

Remember CASH only! We have things from $1 up to $300 for some of Iggy's beautiful collectable homewares. Clothes go from $5 up to $200. And piles and piles of 'stuff' from 50 cents , $1, $2, $5, etc! And handmade decorations and cards to brighten any ol' Scrooge's Xmas.
So come on down!
10am until we collapse at 4pm!



Thursday, December 10, 2009

get your chutney on!

Three hampers!
Three tickets for $5!
Or one for $2!
Buddha says 'spread the chutney love'.


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

a bird in the hand

Just in from Ramona's 'Xmas factory' are these absolutely divine decorations. I think the glitter may have come out for these ones! I don't think you would want to restrict these to just Xmas- these really are all-year-round beauties.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

the first rule of chutney club is........

This is a Community Service Announcement.

Dell and her cronies have a wonderful club. They meet up every couple of months to share their chutney, sauce and jam making endeavours- The Chutney Club. Now CC is very hard to get invited to, bit of a 'closed shop' really! But every Xmas they have The Great Xmas Chutney Hamper Raffle. All monies raised go to charity, last year they raised enough to buy chooks, goats and vegie patches via Oxfam and this year they have high hopes that they will also be able to purchase fruit trees and breakfasts.
So if you come to the Rumble in the Jumble Sale how about buying a raffle ticket ($2) or three ($5)? It's all in a good cause, you might win a whole stack of chutney! You can also check in at Dell's and check out the chutney pack so far. I believe there is more being included as the days tick by!

Oh..... and the first rule of Chutney Club is..... give and you might receive!

and finally there is me

I'm a hoarder. It's a genetic thing, runs in the family, the linen closet full of fabric. I decided that I needed to clean out the store room a bit, go through all the bags and boxes and clean out all the bits and pieces that I've been toting around for the last twenty years! So that has been the job for the last two days, sorting and bagging and tagging. 
I'll have sample and seconds and ends of lines for sale, clothes and accessories and homewares.
There are some cushion covers and quilts. A few purses and bags. Oven mitts and pot holders. The last of the wintery scarves. Left over clothes, sample garments. Last of the knitwear. Samples I've produced for other designers...... you never know what I'll dig out.
Then there will be the STUFF!
Now the STUFF is........ fabric (on the roll and bags of smaller bits) some vintage and some just left overs from a couple of decades of different projects. It's amazing how much is left over and too got to throw away! That's where you lot come in! 
Haberdashery, ribbons and braids, 'hardware' (purse frames and other strange stuff), yarn and threads and odds-and-sods, buttons and leather and fur.
There is a lot of stuff that I use in my production work that of course is NOT getting into the sale but there is some excess pieces, lace tablecloths and tea-towels, that aren't suitable for my work, that will be going cheap cheap!
I can get pretty ruthless when I'm on the sorting path so you are in for some excellent treasures at crazy prices. I would love it all to go so that I can come back after the Xmas break to sparkling fresh studio!

dellywood would wood if dellywood could

Dell Stewart is the queen of faux woodiness. A true log-lady! She is an absolute renaissance woman, she prints, she paints, she sews, she organises kick-arse exhibitions, she makes moss gardens and she's a demon chutney maker. Dell's work is always joyous and lighthearted (bit like Dell herself!) full of tropical fruit, parrots, campfires and she can make just about anything out of 'wood'- from hearts to tents to t-shirts. She has scoured her studio and is bring along some brooches, log-letters, some t-shirty goodness and her super lovely scarves. And if you are down at Abbortsford Convent way then pop into C3 to check out the exhibition she has curated with her partner Adam Cruikshank.

Monday, December 7, 2009

hobson jobson

'Hobson-Jobson' is a 'glossary of colloquial Anglo-Indian words and phrases, and of kindred terms, etymological, historical, geographical and discursive'. 
Rebecca Jobson is a classy-lady who loves Indian movies, soy chai lattes and is a kindred spirit who will willingly waste time chatting with me about anything under the sun.

OK all this might be a bit obscure but Ms Jobson and I bonded over craft, both having done our BAs in Textile Design and gas bagging about our trips to India...... and I had to get 'Hobson-Jobson' into a post at least once in my life. I mean I went all the way to India, found a copy of this damn dictionary and carted it all the way home. (Although one day when you are on some quiz programme and the question comes up 'what is the name of an Anglo-Indian dictionary written be Colonel Henry Rule?' you'll thank me as you collect your cheque for $1,000,000 from Eddie.)

Some of you might know Beck from Craft Victoria where she has been running Counter, the retail part of CV. She is unfailingly supportive of Victorian craftspeople, giving help and guidance to people of all skill levels and with Ramona she writes under the handmadelife banner. Busy busy busy.
Beck's been working like a Santa elf on Ice for the last couple of weeks pumping out beautiful handstitched Xmas decorations and cards and tags. Yep, it's looking a lot like Xmas!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

wake up milly!

Sorry about the lapse of posts this week, with one thing and another its been a bit hectic.
Hopefully in the next day or two I'll be able to let you know about more things that will be at the sale.
Today's star is Milly Sleeping.
This little gem of a shop is owned by Leah and her mum and over the last couple of years they have developed a beautiful stable of labels in their store. Leah also regularly puts on exhibitions, installations and collaborations both at Milly Sleeping and around town (she has done a couple at Mr Tulk at the State Library this year) and her drawings are sweetly beautiful and sometimes exceedingly quirky (in a fabulous way!). A couple of years ago she began a series of cats in clothes and the picture above is Neddy in a frock and the picture below is the dress. If you have been into the store on Elgin Street you may have met Neddy or her brother Ra, both are fluffy and both hate me for wanting to prod and poke them when I see them.

So the Milly Sleeping department of the rumble jumble sale is going to have stock from ESS Laboratory, Lonely Hearts, High Tea with Mrs Woo, Kuwaii and Romance was Born (Milly was the first shop to place orders with RwB when they started) and Leah tells me the prices will be great! There will also be some jewellery and gifty stuff and I think Leah will have some of her beautiful cards too.

Monday, November 30, 2009

ramona's handmadelife

Evening all!
Some of you may know Ramona Barry from the most excellent blog handmadelife (which she co-writes with Beck Jobson) or from appearing (is the right thing to describe being on the radio?) on RRR talking up crafty exhibitions. She writes, makes, exhibits, runs her own card business, was totally addicted to MasterChef and is passionate about supporting craft and the arts.
She's a star!
So what is she going to have at the Rumble?
Well, she has told me that along with her card ranges, her badges and gift tag packs, she's making a range of Xmas decorations and she is going to have the first outing of her new handmade  flowers. 
You'll be able to pick up all your Xmas card needs in time to get them in the mail! And  leave some branches bare on the tree for those decorations!