Sunday, December 6, 2009

wake up milly!

Sorry about the lapse of posts this week, with one thing and another its been a bit hectic.
Hopefully in the next day or two I'll be able to let you know about more things that will be at the sale.
Today's star is Milly Sleeping.
This little gem of a shop is owned by Leah and her mum and over the last couple of years they have developed a beautiful stable of labels in their store. Leah also regularly puts on exhibitions, installations and collaborations both at Milly Sleeping and around town (she has done a couple at Mr Tulk at the State Library this year) and her drawings are sweetly beautiful and sometimes exceedingly quirky (in a fabulous way!). A couple of years ago she began a series of cats in clothes and the picture above is Neddy in a frock and the picture below is the dress. If you have been into the store on Elgin Street you may have met Neddy or her brother Ra, both are fluffy and both hate me for wanting to prod and poke them when I see them.

So the Milly Sleeping department of the rumble jumble sale is going to have stock from ESS Laboratory, Lonely Hearts, High Tea with Mrs Woo, Kuwaii and Romance was Born (Milly was the first shop to place orders with RwB when they started) and Leah tells me the prices will be great! There will also be some jewellery and gifty stuff and I think Leah will have some of her beautiful cards too.

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