Tuesday, December 8, 2009

and finally there is me

I'm a hoarder. It's a genetic thing, runs in the family, the linen closet full of fabric. I decided that I needed to clean out the store room a bit, go through all the bags and boxes and clean out all the bits and pieces that I've been toting around for the last twenty years! So that has been the job for the last two days, sorting and bagging and tagging. 
I'll have sample and seconds and ends of lines for sale, clothes and accessories and homewares.
There are some cushion covers and quilts. A few purses and bags. Oven mitts and pot holders. The last of the wintery scarves. Left over clothes, sample garments. Last of the knitwear. Samples I've produced for other designers...... you never know what I'll dig out.
Then there will be the STUFF!
Now the STUFF is........ fabric (on the roll and bags of smaller bits) some vintage and some just left overs from a couple of decades of different projects. It's amazing how much is left over and too got to throw away! That's where you lot come in! 
Haberdashery, ribbons and braids, 'hardware' (purse frames and other strange stuff), yarn and threads and odds-and-sods, buttons and leather and fur.
There is a lot of stuff that I use in my production work that of course is NOT getting into the sale but there is some excess pieces, lace tablecloths and tea-towels, that aren't suitable for my work, that will be going cheap cheap!
I can get pretty ruthless when I'm on the sorting path so you are in for some excellent treasures at crazy prices. I would love it all to go so that I can come back after the Xmas break to sparkling fresh studio!

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