Tuesday, December 8, 2009

the first rule of chutney club is........

This is a Community Service Announcement.

Dell and her cronies have a wonderful club. They meet up every couple of months to share their chutney, sauce and jam making endeavours- The Chutney Club. Now CC is very hard to get invited to, bit of a 'closed shop' really! But every Xmas they have The Great Xmas Chutney Hamper Raffle. All monies raised go to charity, last year they raised enough to buy chooks, goats and vegie patches via Oxfam and this year they have high hopes that they will also be able to purchase fruit trees and breakfasts.
So if you come to the Rumble in the Jumble Sale how about buying a raffle ticket ($2) or three ($5)? It's all in a good cause, you might win a whole stack of chutney! You can also check in at Dell's and check out the chutney pack so far. I believe there is more being included as the days tick by!

Oh..... and the first rule of Chutney Club is..... give and you might receive!

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